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Let body hair disappear forever: devices comparison

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Efficiency overview, possibilities and comparisons.

New conclusion
: iPulse’s follow-up SmoothSkin is the best device you can buy in my opinion. It’s the fastest device, has permanent hair removal effects, is more portable (smaller body, but the same treating area), includes 120,000 light impulses and doesn’t need gel anymore! The lamp’s position is higher so the glass doesn’t touch the skin anymore (good bye, skin heating). I use it and I love it! Additionally there’s a skin tone sensor which detects your skin tone the moment you put the device on your skin. Immediately it selects a fitting light impulse intensity so you never burn your skin. SmoothSkin is the winner! It’s more expensive than the prior device and Remington but definitely worth it – unless the hair is too persistent, then Tria it is. If you’re tight on money the winners are Braun Gillette Venus Naked Skin (alias iPulse) and Remington I-Light IPL6000.

Old conclusion: “Braun Gillette Venus Naked Skin(former “iPulse” by Boots [follow-up: SmoothSkin [x]) and recently Remington I-Light IPL6000 have the best cost-benefit ratio in my opinion. As for me I tested Braun (when there wasn’t the new Remington version) and I am very happy with it. Remington provides a face and bikini area cap which I miss in Braun. Furthermore one needs to change the whole Braun device after 50,000 light impulses – it’s possible to change the device for a service fee though – while Remington (provides 65,000 light impulses) has changeable bulbs (each 24€). Therefore it’s cheaper to choose Braun and it’s a little stronger than Remington. But in case your bulb breaks, Remington is the better choice. Both reach permanent hair removal effects and both have the same relevant dimensions (3cm²). The bigger the dimensions of the flashing area, the faster you’re done. Also both don’t work on battery and use a cable instead -> a cable is nice if you don’t want to charge the device. 

Comparisons of others:

(small treatment area, Diode Laser = stronger than IPL), E-One (expensive), Lumea (very popular although it’s weaker). All devices can be used by men – expect Lumea, which provides extra products for men.

How IPL and laser work
The light of a flash from IPL devices and lasers gets absorbed by the dark melanin of hair and reaches the hair root. This way the hair root gets heated and dies – the hair falls out. If melanin is missing (blonde hair), a laser or IPL techniques can’t be used because blonde hair doesn’t absorb light. In case the skin is too dark, it’ll absorb the light as well as the hair which can lead to burns. That’s why rather dark hair (at least dark blonde) and rather light skin is necessary.
A laser has a stable wave length (and therefore is way stronger than IPL on the adjusted wave length) while IPL’s wave length is variable with a filter which makes it less effective but also less painful. If the device is too weak or the skin too dark (you might burn your dark skin), the result won’t be permanent and the hair will go into a “sleep mode” which means you’ll have to repeat using IPL again and again since the hair roots didn’t get destroyed. That’s why you shouldn’t use IPL after sunbathing because you won’t be able to set IPL settings on the highest and most effective level.

Even with IPL there are permanent results
“Permanent” results are possible for people who use devices which provide at least flashes with 7-8 Joule/cm² (only possible with light skin color). Cosmetician do have such strong devices but only a few home devices reach that number, too. To treat a single area (e.g. lower leg) at a cosmetician usually costs about 150€. Since every hair can be in a different growth mode you’ll have to flash every skin area about 4-6 times.

IPL home devices
Some devices provide enough energy to get permanent results. Most devices cost 200-400€ and their lifetime can be be limited. While there are such which have bulbs that can flash 50,000 times and don’t have changeable bulbs (you have to replace the whole device after its lifetime), others have bulbs which endure 10,000 flashes and can be replaced for low or high costs. I read a review which said 10,000 flashes are enough for half a year if one uses the device every two weeks. Braun mentioned the bulb (50,000 flashes) will have a lifetime of 5 years (and can be replaced for a service fee), if one uses the device on legs, underarms, bikini area and armpits. This means Braun expects a usage of 10,000 flashes per year.
Lumea is the most popular device but has less power than e.g. Braun. Result: the hair goes into sleep mode.

Based on:
Comparison study (p.8) | more (p.3) | other studies
Comparison presentation (p.6-7 prices | p. 3-15 results), bulbs chart
and whenever I asked manufactures. My summary of the nicest

combination: [positive | negative]

(iPulse follow-up)
SmoothSkin Gold
Intensity [J/cm²]
7,4-7,9 [x;x]
2,5-6,5 [x]
sleep mode
Treatment area
0,8 cm²
Diode Laser, battery
3 cm²
3 cm²
doesn’t need gel, fastest
3 cm²
+ face cap 2cm²
4 cm²
+ cap: 2 cm², battery
Bulb [price]

tria, Amaz UK UK  UK | US UK | US

Additional: IPL gel | protective glasses

excluded devices table and comparison (too weak, expensive, small)

Intensity [J/cm²]
Bulb price
Veet Infini’silk PRO
3-5 [x]?
3,9 cm²
$49 (5.000)
Veet Infini’silk
3-5 [x]? sleep 2.7cm² 50.000
Philips SC2006/11 Lumea
4 cm²
+ face cap 2cm²
Philips SC2003/11 Lumea
Philips Lumea Essential Plus SC1992
4 cm²
Remington IPL2000 i-light
1,4 cm²
Remington IPL4000 i-light
Beurer IPL 7000
Rio Laser Tweezer
Rio LARH2 Laser
Unicusa E-One
6 cm²
4 cm²
4 [x]
4 cm²
Silk’n Glide HPL
DM7000 Laser
2 mm
6 sleep ? 5.400 ? 175€

The best home devices for permanent results:

–  Tria: permanent result 5-19 J/cm² | little area 0,8cm² ➜ time-consuming so needs more flashes but better for persistent face hair | 414€

Remington: permanent result 7-8 J/cm² | area 3 cm² | has face area cap & changeable bulbs |  259€

Braun: permanent result 10 J/cm² | area 3 cm² | 173€

SmoothSkin: permanent result 9 J/cm² | area 3 cm² | £299

Reviews, comparisons: hereherehere

Tria’s little treatment area isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you have problems with little and complicated areas (face, bikini area) then a smaller but more detailed device can be helpful. Since Tria has the highest efficiency compared to all devices, it helps to remove even very persistent hair (men: face, women: bikini area).
I am very happy with Braun but I’d be curious to test Remington since changeable bulbs and a bikini area cap are a big plus.
(edit: now SmoothSkin is the winner – unless the hair is too persistent, then Tria it is. If you’re tight on money the winners are Braun Gillette (alias iPulse) and Remington).

Tip: Shaving the hair one day prior is recommendable (so they look out a little) but max. 1 mm. They can be reached under the surface though (but I guess it’s harder then) [x]. Also, you’ll never have too much IPL gel at home for all the procedures (if you don’t want to burn yourself) so a little stock is comfortable. About protective glasses: I didn’t use any and just closed my eyes or turned my head away. Once I looked into a flash by mistake and saw red points for the time being. After some hours everything went back to normal. So it can be problematic or it can be safe – that is depending on how careful you behave. I still prefer to turn around my head. Typical usage of the device according to Braun Gilette: every other week for 6 treatments, later on: once every other month. SmoothSkin’s (=follow-up of Gillette) website says the best regime is once every week for 12 treatments and later on once every month.

Another tip for all things that have a warranty: (in the most cases) Amazon replaces broken things during warranty time or gives you your money back. I’ve never talked to a manufacturer who’d do that. Whenever something wasn’t fixable anymore (manufacturer didn’t have replacement parts for a laptop) the manufacturer even refused to pay back the price. Usually it’s harder to talk to the manufacturer of electronics (except hp and Dell) than the distributor. 


  • Alternative for dark skinned and blonde persons:
    Very expensive electrology for eternity
    – What will produce an eternal effect and isn’t depended on skin and hair type is electrology. Every single hair needs to be treated (no area procedure like with IPL) which costs more time. A fine probe gets inserted in the hair follicle and the current is adjusted to it. Costs depend on the time that was needed to treat the areas – and this is a case of how fast the person behind the device works and how experienced they are. Prices can be very high. While IPL costs some hundred euros, electrology costs some thousand euros per ordinary area. Additionally mistakes can cause pigment disorder and burns. Usually one can finish a bigger area with professional IPL in a salon for 500€, the same area costs 3900-5900€ using electrology, therefore the result is unbeatable.